Andrew Hammond Kendall (AHK)

Andrew’s prolific work is best characterized by the use of pop culture imagery taken out of context and superimposed with contrasting backgrounds and sometimes on recycled items. Handmade booklets, collages and screen printed sign-like pieces show his fascination with combining typography and nostalgic imagery

June / July


Stephen Crim

Stephen Crim is an abstract graffiti artist born in Fort Worth, TX. The entirety of his works are created using just spray paint. Crim’s approach at balancing the neat geometric shapes with chaotic bursts of color results in a style all his own. Clean lines and solid colors with the contrasting messiness of the exploding splatters have not just become a defining characteristic of his work, but also an attempt at explaining his philosophy of being an artist while balancing a personal life. “I’ve tried my best to find a way to balance the “order and neatness” of the straight lines of triangles and the “chaos and messiness” of the paint splashes.”

Crim has shown work for local pop-up art shows such as Artluck’s “Bal Masque” in 2018 as well as a local gallery group show at Fort Works Art. From a young artist filling up sketchbooks with doodles, to later experimenting with graffiti and finally in 2012 applying his designs to canvas, Stephen has come a long way as an artist.



Jesse Sierra Hernandez

Jesse Sierra Hernandez: The Mid Later Years is a collection of Jesse's paintings and figurative sketches from recent years. This show marks an important point in Jesse’s creative career and shows his support of the local emerging art scene.

Hernandez is a prominent figure in the Fort Worth figurative art scene. His paintings have been displayed at nationally recognized galleries such as Fort Works Art, Artspace 111 and at the internationally renowned Kimbell Art Museum.


February / March


 T.F. Casey

T.F. Casey is a business owner and part-time creative. His abstract acrylic paintings blend into impressionist renderings of his travels and occupations he’s most passionate about. These are some of his "primeras obras" or first works (of art).

Casey currently lives in Fort Worth, TX. Casey is owner of the popular La Zona pizzeria located in the Fairmount District south of Downtown Fort Worth. His business supports local talented musicians and is host to a variety of his own works and photography associated with iconic pop culture personalities.